Twitter marketing for small businesses
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Twitter marketing for small businesses

Social marketing with Twitter

Twitter marketing for small businesses

As a business, social media marketing is a key focus for me and a great way to promote my services to potential customers, who also use social media. One of the biggest growing social platforms is Twitter. Twitter is a huge social media network offering a platform for millions of active users to tweet, daily. A “tweet” is a 140 character message of useful information.

I would take a guess and say you have a Twitter account for your business and you send infrequent tweets about something your business achieved recently, or promoting a new service or feature? But hardly receive any return on investment for your tweet? The hard truth is: You are almost invisible in the World of Twitter.

A numbers game

Twitter is a game of numbers. Followers, following, re-tweets and favourites, everything you do on Twitter is based on growing one of these four numbers. The biggest and most important is growing your followers, people who follow you, these are the people your tweets are intended for. Your followers are most likely people who are clients of your business, know you personally or have an interest in your service or product.

Let me quickly explain the eco system of Twitter, You follow someone of interest and they follow you back, you then have a relationship (in Twitter terms) with that person. When you publish a Tweet, that person would see your tweet (in theory, more on this below) and re-tweet (if the content of the Tweet is good) to their other followers. The re-tweet might get seen by 10, 100, 10,000 other Tweeters’ and they will in-turn (if they like your content) follow you.

A simple dynamic that has seen Twitter grow in to the one of the latest social networks in the World.

So let’s just take a look at theroising and the numbers. If you have 100 followers and your followers are following 100 other Twitter accounts and each person Tweeted once, you have a 1 in 100 chance of you Tweet being seen by your followers. Small odds right? Imagine 50 people Tweet twice a day, the chances of your Tweet being seen become non-existant. Time vs quantity is a real factor to marketing on Twitter.

Some Twitter accounts follow thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter. How do you get your message out and infront of people? Post quality and post frequently. To beat the numbers you need to play the game.

Twitter has a few fall backs, you cannot Tweet the same message repeatedly, this is just spam. Following to many people at once can also be classed as spam and get your account banned.

Finding fresh shareable content is a market in itself and content discovery is a growing market. Using a content discovery platform will improve your follower growth, head over to Signal Hero for a free trial.

Knowing what we have just learnt how do we beat the numbers game? Tweet often, Tweet fresh content, Tweet with searchable hashtags, follow industry experts and re-tweet interesting posts, send direct messages and most importantly engage with people. Start conversations, create talking points and then expand in to other topics.

Tip: A great way to build a customer base is to search for people asking for help.

If you need help with Twitter marketing for your business then please contact me on 07969 004 553, Let’s start building your audience. Follow Digital Park on Twitter