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Internet of Things, connecting beyond devices

Internet of Things

Internet of Things, connecting beyond devices

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices.” – Wikipedia

Last night I was watching Iron Man and at one point, Tony Stark asked his JARVIS, his computer sidekick to “Drop the needle” on his record player. This was a brilliant example of how the Internet of Things works. If you have not yet seen the Amazon Echo, soon you will be able to pair up you home devices by voice command and tell your oven what time to cook the Sunday roast beef.

Being connected is part of our everyday lives, Facebook, Twitter, mobile devices, texting, the list is becoming increasingly endless, our desire to know more about the World around us is ever increasing. We want to know what our friends and family are doing, what is happening around the World and soon, before you will even know it, what you have in your fridge! Direct to your mobile device or tablet.

Just imagine the concept for a second. You are out shopping you in the supermarket and you did not write down your shopping list. What do you do? Well it’s simple you open up your phone and ask your fridge what you currently have and do not have.

The concept is actually being used in real-time in the US, I saw a great example of a connected coffee shop. In real-time it showed how many coffees had been made, the room temperature, how many people had walked through the door and many more statistics about both customers and the shop itself, all being connected means you could run analytic reporting on footfall vs coffee made. This is just one example of Internet of things and of technological advances.

You have probably have seen the adverts on television for Hive, Nest and British Gas, an app that allows you to control your heating from your mobile device while you are not at home. Anglian water offer devices to monitor your water usage in real-time.

Whilst working for a marketing company, we introduced iBeacons which could be configured to send promotions to people with in a certain distance from a retailer, designed to increase sales and footfall by offering a real-time offer direct to the customers mobile device.

Having so much connected devices to a network allows businesses to build data demographics on their valuable customers which they can use for direct marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing.

How can the Internet of Things help your business? Don’t worry you don’t need to start with install fancy devices to record customer data in your office or shop just yet! But a great start would include the collection of email address on your website, get customers to register for special offers and monthly newsletters which can be used for segmented* email marketing campaigns.

Technology is moving faster than ever, integrated car systems using Apple iOS and Google Android, apps allowing us to control our homes. Is your business tech savvy? Are you keeping up with fast pace of a digital era? Don’t get left behind.

If you need assistance in keep up with the latest technology trends and how you could capture more customer data, then call me on 07969 004 553

*Using customer demographics to target specific information to a customer based on gender/age/interests.