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Top 3 WordPress Plugins for Social and SEO

Wordpress Plugins

Top 3 WordPress Plugins for Social and SEO

WordPress has changed the way web design and developers build websites. From the early days, WordPress had potential to be more than just a blogging platform. It is now a fully functional and easy to use CMS, CRM and Ecommerce website manager.

Managing content such as pages and blog posts is so simple, no wonder 23% of all websites on the Internet is managed by WordPress. From tagging to categories to selling items online and integrating payment gateways, the WordPress community have built the best plugins I personally, have seen. Sliders to Newsletters, SEO to content sharing, the plugin extensions is endless.

Today I thought I would share some of the great plugins I use to help with promoting Digital Park and some of my other websites, to help businesses provide a better service to the end customer and get more active socially on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are my Top 3 WordPress Plugins for Social and SEO:


1. Jetpack

Jetpack is a fantastic plugin, built by Automattic, which built WordPress, boast a “OMG” of awesome extensions for WordPress. Some of my favourite extensions include “Publicize”, which allows any post you create to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Path and Google+. You also get to edit exactly what the post should say, great, quick, social sharing. The only downside I find, is, the lack of media posting from “Publicize” to Twitter. If you have Open Graph content meta installed on your website, Facebook can pick up the content for you and add the post with media. But overall still one of the great features of Jetpack.


Another great feature is “Site Verification”. Quite simply a place to add your Bing, Google and Pinterest verification codes. These can be provided by Webmaster Tools from Google and Webmaster Toolbox from Bing. These allow both Google and Bing to verify your website for indexing in both their search results.


Jetpack has many great features, some are overkill in my opinion but some add great and effective functionality to your website.


2. SEO Yoast

Possible the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress and its not hard to see why! It allows you to add a “Focus keyword” and it can then rank your website page or post on your keyword. It’s simple and effective. It scores you website from Bad (red), Poor (orange), Ok (yellow) and Good (green). This traffic light indicator can give you a quick overview of how well your page or blog post ranks in terms of search engine optimisation.


SEO Yoast also has extra tabs too, for “Page Analysis”, “Advanced” and “Social”. Page analysis can give you an overview of how you could improve your web page or blog post to improve it’s SEO score. The advanced tab is worth being left alone, unless you understand about “Web Robots” and “Canonical”. Most of the features in Advanced are already done for you, so leave this section alone. “Social” allows you to add specific Titles, Description and Media. Very similar to what I mentioned about Open Graph, above. Again, this section is worth leaving alone, unless you are advanced in your SEO and Social sharing knowledge.


3. Revive Old Post

Not as popular as the previous two plugins, however I think this is one of the best for social media marketing. This great little plugin allows you to automatically send your old blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Revive has some great features such as selecting to post custom types, posts or pages, you can set how many days old a blog post should be, default is 30 days, you then select how often Revive should post your old blog posts. You can specify how many posts at a time you would like it to post and exclude specific categories.


If you want to post to Linkedin, you will have to upgrade to the PRO version of Revive old Post, however I think the free version does a wonderful job at promoting old posts to Facebook and Twitter, so your business gets exposure from your old blog posts. Overall I would highly recommend you install “Revive Old Post“.

So there you have it. My top 3 recommended plugins for your WordPress website to help promote your website on Social Media and improve your website SEO.

If your require help installing any of these plugins or help with WordPress related updates, then feel free to contact me on 079 690 04553 or contact me on