How to save your website from Google's new algorithm
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How to save your website from Google’s new algorithm

google mobilegeddon

How to save your website from Google’s new algorithm

Tuesday will see a change in the way Google will rank your website on mobile devices. Quite a big change and it all comes down to weather or not you website is mobile friendly.  A Google updated being labelled “mobilegeddon”.

Back in February Google announced on their developer blog they would release a new update to the way Google indexes websites, which will effect websites that are not friendly to small screens such as smartphones.

Google’s new algorithm effects mobile searches specifically and will rank mobile friendly or responsive websites higher, meaning any website owner, who’s website does not meet the requirement will lose its position in the rankings, not even updating your SEO can fix this update, and will cause both loss of website traffic and potential revenue.

So how can website and business owners combat this new update?

By updating their website to a responsive website. This can be done with relative ease on some websites and will require a skilled web design and developer to convert.

If you don’t think mobile search is that important, then you should certainly check out your analytics, you will be surprised how many visitors your website gets from a mobile device. These numbers can range from 40% – 70%. A huge portion of website traffic.

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