New website design for Digital Park

New website design for Digital Park

It’s been a Year or more since our last refresh and a lot has happened with our most successful Year to date! As the business grows I want to website to follow suit. We have worked with some amazing clients that we cannot thank enough for giving us the opportunity to deliver their website design, search engine marketing and Google Ads.

In upcoming posts, I will detail more case studies of how Digital Park works with clients to deliver ROI (return on investment) with Google Ads and how we transform websites to be user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

We are hoping that 2019 to 2020 sees Digital Park succeed even more and to do that, with the new design is to showcase more of our work. Rather then us just telling you what we can do, we want you to see for yourselves. Our new layout showcases our recent website designs for clients that are both local the Newmarket, Cambridge, Thetford and even London.



From the images you can now see that the new layout is focused much more on the work we have produced rather then the services we provide. We still mention the services and have quick links to find out more.

We are happy with how the new website looks and hope you do too. Hopefully seeing the work we have done with prompt you to contact us.