Providing website and SEO support to clients

Providing website and SEO support to clients

One fear many businesses face when dealing with a new website design company is being persuaded in to having a new website built with the new company. This can be very off putting to businesses that only require a few small website changes and I feel this is one of the many reasons that website design companies such as ourselves, Digital Park could lose out on new clients.

Here at Digital Park one of our most popular services is support of your existing website and services. A great example is a client that built a Wix website and approached a few companies with the request to help with the Search Optimisation in Google search ranking. Nearly all the website design companies told my client that they needed a new website that would cost a lot more then they had a budget for.

They then reached out to us, Digital Park, we provide website support and we told them they could keep the existing website and we can make some SEO tweaks and provide support on developing their already running Google Advertising campaign. After just a week the website started seeing and increase in organic search traffic and the Adverts started to convert to bring in new business for the client. Since then we continue to meet and discuss future developments of Google Advertising and SEO strategies while the client keeps the original Wix website they built.

On to another example and one that I have blogged about previously with providing on-going SEO support and Google Advertising for a client that already had an existing WordPress website but the website developer had no experience with Search Engine Marketing or SEO/SEM. The website was in good standing, modern and easy to use, however it lacked some key elements for Search growth which we provided to their existing website. We also took over the Google Advertising to provide a more diverse set of keywords and Ads to reach new customers.

A key element was when we had the freedom to change the website to help conversion of the Google Ads to encourage lead generation through the website by allowing customers to provide basic details to get a quote. This change super charged the clients business, with an explosion of leads, huge organic growth from search engine optimisation and Google Advertising.

As part of our support we have provided clients with all kinds of services from email and website hosting, moving websites from a previous host to a new location, domain transfer, WordPress and plugin support to basic solutions such as changing images and text on a website page.

As our clients are now aware, we are honest and straight forward on costs and solutions, we will tell you how it is and we will not, as a company upsell to you. Please feel free to get in touch if you need simple website help or support. We provide a huge range of solutions that will meet your requirements and be cost effective for your business to grow online.