How to reach page 1 in Google Search Ranking in 2019

Google page 1 2019 tips

How to reach page 1 in Google Search Ranking in 2019

We are half way though the Year and Google has been very busy changing how it ranks websites and cleared up some common myths of what they look for in a website. Note, that domain age does not play a part in how the website ranks. So what does this mean? It means that what we think we know about how it ranks websites may not all be true.


In this blog post I will give you a few key tips that I deliver to all my clients as part of our service here at Digital Park and how you can apply these tips to your own website to help improve your overall search engine ranking.


As I have said over and over in my blog posts over the Years is that Content is and always will be KING! People are still not focusing enough on keyword rich content for their website, from products, services to blog posts. They simply are not doing it. Sure its almost a full time job at times to get content written during your normal work day, but make the time. Blogging just once or twice a Month would help. Put it this way, if you aren’t doing it then your competition certainly is and if they aren’t then you can get ahead of them by BLOGGING.


Let’s take a step back. What is a keyword? A Keyword is related word that is a key focus for your business. For example ‘Website Design‘ is a keyword for Digital Park. It’s what we do as a service and it is what we want people to find us for in search engines. It seems pretty straight forward right? It is! But its still a missing component of most websites marketing efforts. Without telling Google Search what your service or product is then how are they meant to find your business and present your website to a new customer?


Right, we now know what keywords are, they are important words that define our business and services. So what do we do with them? Well, you know when I said that people are not using keywords effectively enough above in their service pages etc. Well you need to write content that uses keywords that you want your website to be found for. It’s that simple. Make sure that you write in clear and simple paragraphs, do not spam the keyword as this can have a negative effect. Just mention it on the page you want to promote for that keywords 3 or 4 times. Take this blog post as an example, I have already mentioned Website Design but now I have mentioned it twice and I will even mention it once more for Website Design Newmarket. In the last one I mentioned the area that I focus the business in. This is called a long-tailed keyword as it adds more then just the focus it also mentions the location. This is ideal for Google Search as it is location based search.


Location based search means that Google present businesses and results more focused in an area before showing results further away. There is no point showing you a website design company in Scotland if your in Newmarket and Digital Park is just around the corner, right?


So on to two other aspects of how to use your focus keyword. Meta titles and meta descriptions. Even in 2019 I still see websites that are not taking advantage of this clear marketing tool!
A meta title is what you see in the Search listing as the blue link. This is a key marketing area to show Google what services or what your business does. It’s pretty simple. For every page, post on your website mention 1 or 2 keywords from that page. Dead simple!


Meta description is the short paragraph that appears under the blue link. This description allows you to really sell more of what you do and services you provide in a little more detail. The key here is to mention your keyword from the meta title, that should also be written in your page in a paragraph. I like to call this the 3 keyword targets. Meta title, meta description and the content body. With that you should start to see a better search presence for your business.


We use this targeting on all our clients websites and it works (we also provide additional services). JS Bloodstock is a recent client as of writing this blog post and after just a couple of weeks is now top of search for his business of Bloodstock Consultancy, which is also his focus keyword. His business also appears top for Google My Business, something we can talk about in more detail if you require our services.



Now, that just a scratch of the surface of what else can be done to help drive your website to the top of Google Search. So if you are finding your marketing online is not helping you reach page 1 of Google, then contact and we can help guide you there.