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Digital Park provides digital solutions to online marketing, website design, branding, media and print, Google and Facebook Advertising and on-going website support.

Based in Newmarket, Suffolk, Digital Park provides digital solutions to businesses all over East Anglia.

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Modern design

Digital Park is a website design company based close to Cambridge and provide website design and digital marketing solutions to businesses based in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

  • Modern design
  • Mobile & device ready
  • Search engine friendly
  • Cost effective


Our key focus is to bring online marketing to small businesses to help growth through online media channels and carefully crafted, cost-effective website design.

Mobile friendly

All our websites are built with mobile users in mind. You may have heard the term ‘mobile first’, which means your website is built focused on a mobile user first and foremost, then devices and desktop.

A mobile friendly website is important for your business for two reasons:

1. If a potential customer cannot navigate your website easily, they will go to a competitor website.

2. It can affect your Google ranking in it’s search engine. Google has made it clear that it will promote websites that are mobile friendly in its mobile search and penalise those websites that are not user-friendly on a mobile.

With mobile search higher than ever, it is vital to your business success online to have a mobile friendly website design.

Google Optimised

Search engine optimisation is at the heart of all our website designs. We understand the importance of website traffic conversion for businesses. We provide you with a website platform that automatically markets your content to social media platforms.

Digital Park will provide you with the knowledge and know how to promote your business online though social channels, content creation and how to create competitive keywords. Alternatively, Digital Park can provide these solutions for your business.

Analytics & Tracking

Understanding your customer and their journey through your website is key to enhancing your online sales and conversion. Using analytical information we can understand the customer journey, locate bottlenecks and adjust to optimise conversion.

Collecting user data such as an email address, from your website can offer many benefits such as re-targeted marketing. Say you run an online shop and your customer left a product in their basket, using a tailored email you can remind them and improve your chance of converting that customer to a sale.

Case Study

Increasing search impressions by 946%

N&S Cars and Commercials are a car scrappage business based in Red Lodge, just outside of Newmarket.

Nick who runs the business was struggling to find success in Google search ranking and paying huge advertising fees for an unsuccessful Google Ads campaign. N&S Cars and Commercials had a website already built and live, the main issue was that the search engine optimisation was not well implemented to promote the business for the keywords for the business.

Find out how Digital Park optimised N&S Cars website on-page SEO and Google Ads to improve organic search ranking and generated 100+ new leads in 8 weeks.

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