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Freelance WordPress developer

Expert knowledge of WordPress, WordPress themes and WordPress plugins

Digital Park provides digital solutions to online marketing, website design, branding, media and print, Google and Facebook Advertising and on-going website support.

Based in Newmarket, Suffolk, Digital Park provides digital solutions to businesses all over East Anglia.

WordPress design

Digital Park provide quote based and hourly rate WordPress development and help. If you require updates for your WordPress website, a new theme implementation then Digital Park can help.

With expert knowledge of WordPress, WordPress themes and WordPress plugins we can provide you will a full service to help get your WordPress website up and running.

We are WordPress specialists, from customised themes to custom coded plugins unique to your website we can provide the solution for you.

Theme development

A WordPress theme is a template or layout that connects the front-end and back-end of WordPress together. The front-end is what your customer will see and the back-end or CMS is the admin area to control the website content and pages.

Themes can be built based on designs supplied or an existing WordPress theme can be used. Existing WordPress themes are built with lots of features that extend WordPress. The themes that have been made are set with templates pre-built by developers and can be bought at a fraction of the cost for development of a build from design. This is a better solution to small or start up businesses that want to keep costs low.

Pre-built themes can offer a lot of functionality that will allow your website to display the content how you want it, which is another great feature.  Cutting down the development time means a huge saving of website design costs, costs that are passed on to you the client.

At Digital Park I offer a wide range of pre-built themes that will fit your business branding. To find out more about WordPress website development get in touch.

Plugin Development

A WordPress plugin is an extension that can be installed within WordPress. A plugin can provide features to both the front-end and back-end of WordPress. Plugins are a great way to improve your website experience for your customers. Adding in a WordPress plugin for a shopping cart and payment gateways allows you to sell products online. Your website marketing and marketing to search engines and reports on your website performance can all be included with additional plugins.

Plugins are small snippets of code that allows WordPress to do something that it could not with the core installation. Connecting to Google Ads or Analytics would require you to visit external websites to find that information, but using a plugin means you can connect and view your Google data direct from your WordPress dashboard. Plugins are an essential tool that will help improve your websites visibility and marketing.

I talk extensively about which are the best plugins to use for your website in my blog. If you want a more tailored selection of plugins then get in touch today.

Full Support

WordPress is a very useful content management system (CMS), no wonder 25% of all websites online use WordPress to power them. I provide clients with WordPress as it is simple to use and easy to learn which makes it a wonderful asset to your business. A website is a marketing tool that promotes your business services or products.

Not everyone is comfortable with making website updates or updating plugins to improve stability and security of the website. I provide hourly rates that enable you to hire me to make those updates and changes for you. It could be as simple as updating your plugins, adding in new pages or suggesting improvements and layout opportunities to improve your user experience.

If you require help with updating and supporting your WordPress website then please feel free to contact me. Get in touch today.

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If you have any questions about our services and how they can help improve your business online then please contact us by email, telephone or the contact form.

Robert Cullen

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