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Digital advertising.

Paid Ads for driving customers to your business

Digital marketing & advertising is a key marketing strategy that your business cannot afford to ignore. Having a business website allows you to have an online placeholder which you can direct people to.

Paid advertising.

Search engines and social channels allow for paid promotion of businesses and services to their audience based on keywords. These keywords will relate to your business service or product. Advertising your business is a great way to promote your service or product.

Advertising for keywords requires a daily budget to compete with your competitors for the same keywords. The more popular the keyword, the more you will have to pay for that click.

Paid advertising can lead to improved sales of products and services that you provide. With the right combination of keywords, landing pages and sales funnel you can optimise your paid promotion to increase your return on investment.

Paid advertising is also great for driving traffic to your website which in turn can help your overall Organic Rank. More traffic equals higher ranking.

Content creation.

It is not just about creating keywords and phrases for your website. It is also about creating highly meaningful, quality content that makes optimal use of keywords used in the ‘on-page optimisation’, that the target audience is likely to use as a search term.

With the Google algorithm becoming more and more complex, it is becoming very difficult for businesses to meet the standards for page ranking. When you want to grow your business through online marketing, your only goal is to ‘get found’ on the internet.

Digital Parks’ search engine marketing focuses on the aim of bringing your website to the top of the search engines.

Our service also includes writing and publishing blogs or news to your website.

Social Channels.

You may not know this, but having a presence on social media channels can affect your search engine ranking.

Linking to your website from a social media website or app can help provide a authoritative back-link to your business. An authoritative back-link is a link from a well established website, for example to your website. has a lot of regular traffic, it is well trusted and has useful information so it has a high authority assigned with its domain.

Our service includes setting up social accounts, filling in the relevant information such as business name, address, description, services, telephone and website address.

But we offer so much more, why not check out our social media marketing page to learn more.

Tailored Ads.

Social advertising is on the rise with Facebook combined with Instagram offer a huge marketplace for Adverts. Facebook has more data points on a user then any other platform which means you can advertise directly to customers that are more inclined to buy you product or service.

Old media advertising is dying out due to the lack of personal information that can build a campaign to target specific customers. For example if you run and sell Make-Up, it’s likely a waste of money advertising to Men. But what if you could target 18 – 34 year old Women who are scrolling on Instagram and have a interest in Make-Up tutorial and Follow Make-Up companies on Instagram or Facebook.

You would have more budget to focus on selling your product to the right audience.

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