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Business web design.

Cost effective business web design for new and start up businesses

Digital Park provides digital solutions to online marketing, website design, branding, media and print, Google and Facebook Advertising and on-going website support.

Based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Digital Park provides digital solutions to businesses all over Lincolnshire.

Modern design.

When starting a new business it can be daunting when you realise that the costs of running a business are usually higher then you expected. Hidden costs, or costs that you had not factored in to your budgeting can really impact your businesses financial situation. One unplanned expense can be setting up a website for your business and some quotes could leave you dumbfounded on the costs of development.

  • Modern design
  • Mobile & device ready
  • Search engine friendly
  • Cost effective

Cost effective.

At Digital Park we want to help you get your business off the ground and not break your budgeting. For new businesses that are looking to get a website up and running will start from £849.

Our services include your branding on a themed template that will be optimised for Google search engine, Webmaster tools, Analytics for reporting on your website performance and 1 hour support per month.

Additional services we provide are branding and logo design, hosting and domain registration, social media account creation and online marketing support.

This introductory price is provided to new local businesses that need a business website. If your a local business starting out and would like to find out more information on how Digital Park can help, get in touch today.

Mobile Optimised.

Quality design does not have to be affected by cost. Using WordPress and the incredible theme selection your website design will have everything that a modern website needs. Mobile friendly design is key feature of any modern website, with so many people using mobile search, having a website that works is paramount to your business.

Digital Park’s website designs are fully functional and optimised for mobile devices and tablets, with built in search engine marketing tools that allow you to optimise the websites search rankings.

Is your local business start up need a website? Would you like to find out more information on how Digital Park can help? get in touch today.

Branding & Logo.

A businesses brand is very important when it comes to marketing, an eye catching logo will help customers recognise your business from your competitors. Keeping your brand consistent across all business materials is important to show professionalism, be it social channels to letterheads.

Digital Park provides new businesses the opportunity to have a logo designed on your ideas and alternatives that give you a range of options to brand your business. Logo design starts from £250.

You will recieve 3/4 logo designs based on your ideas with optional extras, you can choose one to be revised for a final version and then rolled out in various formats for web and printed use. You will also have a brand guideline, these provide printers with the exact colours and fonts used for your logo design.

Brand guidelines are important due to colour variation and font variation from different printers and web colours. The spectrum can be different and what you see on your phone or desktop monitor may differ to a printed version, this is due to colour limitation provided in phones and monitors. The guidelines provide the exact colour used in the design so both web and print match perfectly.

Is your local business start up in need of a logo? Would you like to find out more information on how Digital Park can help? get in touch today.

Case Study.

Increasing search impressions by 946%

N&S Cars and Commercials are a car scrappage business based in Red Lodge, just outside of Newmarket.

Nick who runs the business was struggling to find success in Google search ranking and paying huge advertising fees for an unsuccessful Google Ads campaign. N&S Cars and Commercials had a website already built and live, the main issue was that the search engine optimisation was not well implemented to promote the business for the keywords for the business.

Find out how Digital Park optimised N&S Cars website on-page SEO and Google Ads to improve organic search ranking and generated 100+ new leads in 8 weeks.

Contact Us.

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If you have any questions about our services and how they can help improve your business online then please contact us by email, telephone or the contact form.

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