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Search engine marketing.

Organic growth of website pages in Google

SEO (search engine optimisation) or search engine marketing is one of the most important online marketing techniques that your business website requires to enhance your visibility in a digital landscape.

On-page optimisation.

Marketing your website requires you to optimise each page with a keyword/s and descriptive content. Search engines such as Google and Bing then review your websites content and keyword optimisation and determine if your website should appear for that keyword search result.

To achieve this your website page requires ‘on-page optimisation’ , making sure your page focuses on a keyword or phrase related to your business.

Organic growth.

Reaching the top of a search engine for a term or keyword is paramount for your business success. We focus on optimising your website with the relevant keywords and content that allow Google to rank the page.

This technique is called Organic growth, using on-page optimisation to focus each page of your website to a specific keyword/s that are relevant to your business

Tracking & Analytics.

Analytics will allow you to track and monitor the users journey through your website. You can see friction that maybe slowing down sales.

Reviewing what products sell well or which keywords are working best for your business can boost your sales ten fold. Data tracking is opt in compliance with GDPR.

Full Service.

We apply these services right out of the box when you choose Digital Park to build your website at no extra cost.

Don’t worry though, even if we did not build your website, we can apply these services to your business website. Just fyi, this is a very popular service.

Case Study.

Increasing search impressions by 946%

N&S Cars and Commercials are a car scrappage business based in Red Lodge, just outside of Newmarket.

Nick who runs the business was struggling to find success in Google search ranking and paying huge advertising fees for an unsuccessful Google Ads campaign. N&S Cars and Commercials had a website already built and live, the main issue was that the search engine optimisation was not well implemented to promote the business for the keywords for the business.

Find out how Digital Park optimised N&S Cars website on-page SEO and Google Ads to improve organic search ranking and generated 100+ new leads in 8 weeks.

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