Case study: Frear UK IT Cloud Solutions

Case study: Frear UK IT Cloud Solutions

Frear UK provide Cloud hosting solutions for email hosting, telephony and providing vital business systems backup and data recovery.


Digital Park and Frear UK have worked together to provide website design services to Frear UK clients. Upon seeing the great work Digital Park has delivered for Frear UK clients it was time for them to revamp their current website to something more modern. Our aim was to focus on selling and pushing the products/services that Frear manage.


Three key parts of the business we found key to promote are IT Cloud Solutions, 24/7 IT support and managed backups & recovery. All major businesses work online and run office systems that are vital to keep the business going. If a key piece of data is lost when a hard drive corrupts the business could face vital losses. Frear UK covers three key areas for business, the cloud storage of email and website hosting, Office 365 and full system back ups to the cloud and 24/7 support if anything goes wrong.


Digital Park involvement was to take these three business critical solutions and promote them through a visual website that is clean and clear for users to navigate.


The current Frear UK website was lacking direction for promoting services and required a better presentation of the existing content.



The before home screen focused heavily on the cloud image with no call to actions and very bland layout.




New designed layout by Digital Park, with a key focus on a banner area that rotates to promote the three key services provided. We designed an icon quick link area to help users visually and easily navigate to service information with the help of a learn more button.



As part of the new website we followed the same theme of icon navigation to explain key features for each service and focused on improving the website search engine optimisation with keywords that a related to the key services provided by Frear UK.



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